Day Tours: Baybayon ni Agalon, Albuera, Leyte

rustic and relaxing resort on the shores of Albuera, Leyte where you can laze, stretch out and rest under the shade of coconut trees. Renowned for its beautiful tree houses, the "Baybayon of Agalon" is a favourite spot for tourists.

"Baybayon ni Agalon's Cottages"

Relax and enjoy the native cozy setting, while enjoying the beach waiting for the sun to set.

"Activities Offered"
1. Fish SPA                   
2. Swimming
3. Meeting Sly- Albino Python

4. Feeding Fish / Ducks

*Also, check out their:
- Mynah
- Peacock
- Pheasant
- Ostrich

"Fish Spa"

Rate: 25.00 / 10 mins.

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