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Lake Danao

Lake Danao is a mountain lake which is one of Ormoc City's most popular tourist destination.

Mass Grave

More than 20 years ago, after the tragic flashflood in Ormoc City, here lies the unfortunate victims in this part of the Ormoc City public cemetery and is known as the "Mass Grave".

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church

The oldest church in the city was constructed way back in 1556 when the Jesuit missionaries first set foot in Ormoc. Famous for being the chosen parish where Richard and Lucy Torres-Gomez were married.


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Puente dela Reina

Puente De La Reina, The oldest bridge in the city, a cobblestone bridge built in the 1800s that was used as a docking area for sailboats, vintas of Chinese, Javans and Indonesians who frequented the island to sell their produce from around Asia.It was built during the Spanish times and was recognized as the "Bridge of the Queen." the bridge is truly historic and still in use to this day.This structure gives evidence to the Spanish colonization of the city.

Lake Kasudsuran

Lake Kasudsuran is just one of the three beautiful lakes of Ormoc. It is located at Brgy. Gaas, Ormoc City in Leyte. The 5-hectare Lake Kasudsuran is located 27 kms. (a 45-hr. drive) northeast of Ormoc City on the virgin forest of Brgy. Ga-as and Mt. Janagdan, a plateau 1,000 m. above sea level. The lake is only accessible by foot. Lake Kasudsuran is also a place to explore in Ormoc City. The lake is a beauty to behold with surrounding fresh green trees and vegetation, and a calm and serene atmosphere.

EDC Geothermal Plant View Deck

A valley of geothermal power source that can supply power to the whole region. Around the valley are spots of hot springs where one can cook hard boiled eggs in just fifteen minutes. It is also the first geothermal power plant built in the country.

Photo Credit : Gerryruiz

Photo Credit : calle Zaragosa

New Ormoc City Hall

Visiting Ormoc City will never be complete without taking a trip to the New Ormoc City Hall located at Y. Anubing Street, Government Center.
The three-storey building,has a total floor area of 14,783 square meters.The Ormoc City Hall has great structural feature and is called the green building for being environment-friendly.

Ruins - Old house of Cong. Dominador Tan

The residence of Cong. Dominador Tan was one of the most beautiful scenery in Ormoc at that time which was completed a year before the World War II. As war broke out, it was utilized as one of the headquarters of the Japanese military operations in Leyte and was partially destroyed by the bombings of the famous Battle of Ormoc Bay.It is likely that this destroyed building represents a significant history and seems to be memorial. Groups of Japanese visit this place and treat it as a shrine.

Cogon, Ormoc City Near Brodeth Bldg.

SAL Pineapple Plantation

Ormoc City is famous for its Queen Pineapple, Ormoc’s most famous and top pick for pasalubong. Taste and enjoy its sweetness with juicy slices fresh from the pineapple plantation.

SAL Pineapple Plantation is one of famous pineapple plantation here in Ormoc City it is located in Brgy. Hibunawon, Ormoc City Leyte where you can found the sweetest and juciest queen pineapples .The right place where you can enjoy the view of the site's vast hectares of pineapples while munching it freshly from the plantation.


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